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Owner of redelsperger Financial Group

Steve Redelsperger

about steve

Steve Redelsperger is a creative problem solver with over 20 years of experience in the financial arena, focused on helping his clients grow family estate and lower financial risk.

Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in mathematics, Steve immediately began his work in the financial industry. Trouble by the industry’s lack of organization and wanting more for his clients, he became a practitioner of the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP) and founded the Redelsperger Financial Group.

Redelsperger Financial Group is dedicated to providing clients with an unprecedented level of security, allowing them the freedom to enjoy wealth while simultaneously planning for the future. Steve’s priority is making sure clients understand the entire process – not just how their money works, but how to make money work for them through conscience and deliberate decision making.

Steve uses his investment background in tandem with proven economic strategies to help families, individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners with their financial challenges.

Steve has been honored with:
2014 Top Advisor

Flexible Plan Investments

2012 Agency Leader

Wisconsin Financial

2007, 2006, & 2005 Leading Producer

Wisconsin Financial

Steve’s interests include spending time with family and friends, home improvement, travel, and bicycle racing, where he is consistently ranked in the top 10% among his peers.